The Time for Stillness

Winter is usually a time to retreat inward toward stillness and reflection.  It is a time to review, revise, and plant seeds for future creations in our consiousness to some day sprout new ways of being, seeing, and living.  There are many ways to come to a place of stillness within our beings.   One way to calm and still the monkey mind is to receive a massage.

I have found that through the many of years of practicing bodywork, what most people yearn for is to come to that place of deep stillness where their bodies can feel refreshed, restored, relaxed, ready to be healed from within, and be inspired to create from this place of deep connection to Spirit.

As I prepare to open the doors to my new practice, I am always in deep appreciation for the many lessons and beauty that is shared through bodywork and the ever-present Spirit that guides my hands to provide you the best possible space to come to this place of stillness.

In Deep Appreciation to all my clients, may all beings be happy, free, and continue onward and inward to the place of inner love, bliss and joy that is our inherent birthright.

Love and Blessings fellow travelers and a Huge Namaste as I bow to you in all your Beauty, I bow to myself.  Thank you for your presence and agreement to share the journey back home!



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Massage therapist for 25 years, Newly Registered BCST, Registered yoga instructor for 2 years,

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