Permission to Be You- Online course! (Under Construction)
Initial Beta program cost:  $199.00 for a 9-week course

Permission to Be You!

On-line course assisting people with practical tools to create a sustainable Joy-Filled and Purpose-Driven Life.


To ease your stress and tension
$90/60 minutes
$120/90 minutes

Relaxing Massage – 60 minutes


Relaxing Massage – 90 minutes


Extra work on those knotted up areas
$95/60 minutes
$125/90 minutes

Therapeutic Massage – 60 minutes


Theraputic Massage – 90 minutes


Done fully clothed on a mat using stretches and pressure points
$125/80 minutes

Thai Massage


For the soon to be mom
$90/60 minutes
$120/90 minutes

Pregnancy Massage – 60 minutes


Pregnancy Massage – 90 minutes


Taking you to a deeper state of being using the weight and heat of the stones
$130/90 minutes

Hot Stone Massage


A therapeutic and nourishing treat for the feet
$60/30 minutes
$75/60 minutes

Reflexology – 30 minutes


Reflexology – 60 minutes


(please note that I am currently in a three-year biodynamic cranial-sacral training so there is a reduced rate)
A light touch therapy to release tensions and clear energetic blockages deep within the body and around the central nervous system to restore health and wholeness.
$30/ 60 minutes

Cranial-Sacral Therapy


While Debra may be relatively new to cranial sacral work, it’s quite evident that she is not new to working with the body or tuning in to the human energy field. I knew within minutes of her placing her hands on me that she is a master bodyworker. Debra’s very presence is calming and her ability to work with energy is really quite extraordinary. I highly recommend getting a session from her!   — Melissa Grace, Jungian Dream Interpreter and Intuitive Reader

I offer both group and private yoga classes.

Group Yoga Class


Group Yoga Class


Santa Fe gross receipts tax is already added to the amounts listed above.

Please add an additional $25 extra for out-calls.

Credit card required to hold your appointment. A 50% no-show fee is charged if the appointment is missed.

Please give 24 hours for cancellation.

Thank you for your business and referrals!