New On-line course coming soon: Permission to Be You

On-Line Course: How women can thrive in a Joy-Filled and Purpose-Driven Life after overcoming multiple challenges.

A new online beta program for a nine-week program to uncover the blocks keeping you from living a Joy-Filled and Purpose-Driven Life. The original price is $700.00, so a $400.00 savings as you will be part of building a new online course.



Greetings fellow ones,

I have been working with a coach to birth a new online course, How women can thrive in a Joy-filled and Purpose-Driven Life after surviving multiple challenges.  Content and course to follow as well as the launch date.  Excited to share what has been percolating in my brain for some time now.  Offering a safe, supportive, encouraging and reliable container for women to know that they can create a sustainable Joy-filled and Purpose-Driven life is such an honor to witness.  We all have a unique purpose for our lives and usually after some challenging circumstances, we become ready to move forward.  As intense as these challenging circumstances may be, they are truly gifts to move us (sometimes with a nudge and sometimes with a thunk) into a new and better way of living in the world and sharing your unique gifts.  As my coach says repeatedly, the world needs your gifts more than ever NOW!!

Please stay tuned to the launch date of my new online course.  I am excited to share the unique gifts I have to offer and today remember to Stop, Breathe, and take time to create some self-care for YOU!!  As we can only be present and available for others when we feel happy, whole, rested and filled up.

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Massage therapist for 24 years and starting an on-line course to help guide women find a joy and purpose-filled life after having survived many challenges.

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